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Except from the Pope Biscuit’s Transhuman Freakshow and Circus Skills and Finishing School for Young Ladies of Quality and Self-identified Freaks (PBFSetc.) School paper:

Graduation school trip: Set sail to adventure!

Pyromancer Náriel and Wizard Eddie both graduated in a brief but touching ceremony on Skull island. Paladin Flash gave the long boring speech about himself. The ceremony of Hitting a Hat with a Cephalopod went well and everyone got covered in cheerful colours. Miss Worthington's name and apron have been passed on to a nearby pirate, who promptly defeated Professor ffotheringill-Smythe in single combat, and Miss Wentworth-Farlington's name and relevant effects have been returned to the school.

Treachery on the High seas!

Miss Worthington and Miss Wentworth-Farlington won at contests of Flags and Brewing. They graduate with honours and are also awarded their DoA awards. Pyromancer Náriel holds merit badges in Unwanted Hospitality, Military Etiquette, Planar Tourism, Bridal rescue, Tea party, The Wisdom of the Normals, Special Truths, For the Greater Good and Accessory. Wizard Eddie holds merits in [fill this bit in later].

With cat-like tread!

Professor ffotheringill-Smythe also lost magnificently at a contest of scouting, while Professor Smythe-Fotheringill learnt that he can make REDACTED REDACTED explode by REDACTED at REDACTED. Labyrinth, the sapient demi-plane of Challenge started throwing things at him.

Mysteries of the Deep!

The Blackgate Bandits crew, which contained a number of Very Serious People, were convinced to play tag. The Pirate King thought that both teams lost, but your humble scribe thinks that victory was shared equally between the not-a-boat crew and any of the Bandits who may (secretly?) have a sense of humour.

Skulduggery on Skull island!

Other members of the not-a-boat crew were Anaesthesia Morgan, who won at Shanties and Roguish Attire, Gonzo, who won at Monkey Knife Fight and Flash, who gave a number of speeches and pelvic gyrations. Misses W and W-F swooned at appropriate moments.

Between the devil and the deep blue sea!

"Scarlett" Lilium and "Ma" were adopted and brought home, along with Ma's shop and the fins of a shark-man.

Deal with the devil!

Mr Lorgar Dorn , a disagreeable Cad of the graduates' acquaintance is now good friends with the Professors and surely will not mind Prof F-S throwing him and Prof. S-F a going away party at his house when they set off on their adventures together as pirates on Captain Bones' ship. On this adventure he will surely learn the true meaning of friendship.

Becalmed in the southern ocean!

Teleporting fly-zapper Faliece Lacflay assaulted several students of PBFSetc. on behalf of paladin-wannabe Interfector in order to obtain the unburied treasure of various dead pirates. Marshal Anaesthesia Morgan was available with this comment: "Run! they're coming to kill you".

Game of death!

The new Miss Worthington has been issued with their merit badge book, and has already looted Prof. ffotheringill-Smythe's furs. Congratulations on an exciting first day!

Life-partner of the mer-king!

Following slight disagreement over the wording of a miraculous contract, flying lightning clams and various other magi-fauna attacked the school trip on the behalf of changeable sea-god Davy Jones.

I wrestled the Kraken!

Not giving the oath and then drawing on your binding mark with makeup will not stop the oath from binding you. In other news, of interest to the theological research community, miraculously binding deals 1) are possible and 2) can be inflicted without the consent of the other party. It remains to be seen how long it takes until the Temple of balance inflicts deals to to offer fair terms on everyone.

Swimming with the sharks!

There are no credible reports of the Other Professor's location during the school trip.


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