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I was in an asteroid generationship thing tearing across the void at some ridiculous speed, far beyond the possibility of contact with the external universe. We had started spinning and depreasurised. The rest of the crew stared out the viewports into eternity as the air vanished out into the long night while I tugged frantically at some utterly inadequate polythene sheeting, trying to hold the air in. I remember breathing in and feeling the air rushing out of my mouth as my chest expanded. I woke myself up and thought "this scenario is inevitable. You will fail crew selection unless you complete it."

Because I, apparently, have to come up with a rational explanation for my subconscious playing in the asphyxiation simulator.
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I had a dream

I was at an airport (my dream included getting to the airport, but I forget much of the details of that bit) in Sweden. You could tell it was Sweden by all the blonds with perfect physiques.

Some people were coming out of a plane; they looked irritated.
They were followed by some special forces guys in black Kevlar and ballistic helmets, looking sheepish, alongside a bunch of swarthy guys with headscarfs and explosive jackets. They were all being harangued by an airline hostess for being childish. Her tirade ended with them all being banned from Sweden, only you could tell by the way she said `Sweden' that she meant `paradise'.

Getting to the airport was fraught because I was one of the special forces people and I had to trek there on foot through the jungle with people chasing me. Fortunately I was late for the plane I was meant to be meeting, and consequently was not banned from heaven Sweden but the airline hostess angel.

Anyhow this screen is really blurry, I haven't drank enough water and I've got a headache.


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