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Its snowing. I'll have to big society the road outside later.

While I was clearing the snow, I found piles of rubbish. I'll have to big society a land-fill later.

The neighbours' kids are missing. Fortunately, with the policing cuts, we can simply big society the local weirdo without any evidence. Otherwise we might have to look for the bodies in the bottom of our shiny
new landfill, and what good would that do? Even if we'd find them we can't do anything to stop more people falling in the pit without health and safety going mad, and a lynching makes the parents feel better than some sort of mealy-mouthed evidence-based "closure", so its just as well not to know.

Old Mrs Robinson down the road has lung cancer. She doesn't offer a good enough return on investment for the big clinic in town with the MedCorp management programme to bother with (or at least, she didn't when NICE shut down; all recent information about returns on clinical investments is proprietary), and it's January, so the little independent medical practice down the road won't be able to afford any major treatments until the new funding in April. I'll big society her a new set out of bin bags and glue, but I don't know how well hose clips will last in the chest cavity.

My name came up in the lottery for the current War on Stuff, so I have to go and big society some brown people with a rifle. I don't much like the idea; maybe I can send money to hire a mercenary instead.
There must be lots of folks who don't want to fulfil their civil duties themselves. Fortunately, in this era of bottom-up social organisation, I can put forward novel ideas like this for consideration by the national government. Maybe we could just pay a tithe towards a force of professional trained soldiers instead. It
could be call "scuttage" or shield-money. It could be one of the most innovative ideas in state finances since the 1100s.
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I've been reading Makers of the Realm a 1957 history of England. its amazing. The best thing about this is that it makes 1066 and all that funnier.
In addition, it makes occasional referance to medieval taxes, like scumage and lopage, scutage, passage and lestage. Which has led me to realise that any word can be made into a medieval tax by the addition of the suffix ~age. I've also discovered that doing this to every word spoken swiftly enrages Mili.


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