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Tiny beam and a few glitches yesterday, all of the documents signed today*, more beam on the thing I want to put beam on tomorrow, and hopefully my glitch is fixed. Pewpew! lazors!

(Meri has suggested that we should "fire the laser at the sun". This is the best science).

*Our institutional motto is not "All The Documents. All The Signatures. All The Time.", but it should be.
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I was in an asteroid generationship thing tearing across the void at some ridiculous speed, far beyond the possibility of contact with the external universe. We had started spinning and depreasurised. The rest of the crew stared out the viewports into eternity as the air vanished out into the long night while I tugged frantically at some utterly inadequate polythene sheeting, trying to hold the air in. I remember breathing in and feeling the air rushing out of my mouth as my chest expanded. I woke myself up and thought "this scenario is inevitable. You will fail crew selection unless you complete it."

Because I, apparently, have to come up with a rational explanation for my subconscious playing in the asphyxiation simulator.
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I started playing in a new game last night. It was farcical in the best possible way; I may have enjoyed charator creation more than most games I've played.

Stats are
Je ne sais qua

I am _delighted_ by this state of affairs.

My starting inventory contained such items as
The condemantion of Socity (a sufficency)
The Ire of the Church (in abundance)
Knowledge that man should not ken (extensive)
The Abomination, an undead airship (singular)

We are on the track of some ruffians (possibly working for the Tzar) that have stolen the secret of an energy source that is better than steam!.
One of my companious has copious professional ethics and disapproves of my mode of transport.

Obviously I post this mainly as an excuse to use my Dr Frankenstin icon :)
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that my data is now friendly- different slices of the gamma ray/Edecay matrix are producing different gamma-ray spectra.

PS [ profile] lolscience. Share my pain. The Michelson one is best.
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Rain is wonderful.
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Recently, further evidence (1,2) has come to light that the morphology of genus homo is more flexible in its responses to the forces of evolution that typically shape the development of species. Here we discuss which circumstances the pressures that led to Homo floresiensis being derived from Homo erectus, could be expected to affect populations of Homo sapiens. If it is assumed that Homo floresiensis had approached the bottom limit for stature and endocranial volume, starting from Homo erectus the final stature and endocranial volume statistics of the gracile Homo sapiens sub species will be derived.
The circumstances under which the evolutionary pressures of limited resources and zero preditation could occur in the modern world are discussed, along with the probable outcomes.

1 Brown, P. et al. A new small-bodied hominin from the Late Pleistocene of Flores, Indonesia. Nature 431, 1055-1061 (2004)

2Morwood,M.J. et al Archaeology and age of an new hominin from Flores in eastern Indonesia. Nature 431, 1087-1091 (2004)


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