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Tiny beam and a few glitches yesterday, all of the documents signed today*, more beam on the thing I want to put beam on tomorrow, and hopefully my glitch is fixed. Pewpew! lazors!

(Meri has suggested that we should "fire the laser at the sun". This is the best science).

*Our institutional motto is not "All The Documents. All The Signatures. All The Time.", but it should be.
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The new job started a couple of weeks ago now. Its been pretty great actually. I haven't got to irradiate anything yet, but I have detailed plans to build one thing to irradiate things in and concepts for a further two things to irradiate things in.

I've had one tiresome task so far, which was the online "training" for the Manchester Uni purchasing system, and even that has the silver lining that I will soon be able to buy things to irradiate things in.

There is a staggering amount to learn, my todo list is about 50 entries long and 5 levels deep, but nothing has been intractable yet, although that might just mean that I haven't done anything in depth yet.

Although I'm working for Manchester Uni, I'm at DCF , so I'm living in Cumbria, which is pretty and quiet and bizarrely close to my brother. It also has terrible transport links to everywhere.

Colleagues are lovely, but are materials scientists, so they need some unexpected concepts explained to them in a surprising level of detail, and don't know that you need other concepts explained to you in oddly simplistic terms. (I have asked one of them to use his materials science powers to find out what the equipment was made of. Apparently he can do that.)

Also, I will be going to Michigan, to watch other people irradiate things.

Yay science!


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